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Serve Globally, from Small to Big »

We started from a small place: Hong Kong, and are expanding globally. Our solutions have been adopted by the smallest small office / home office entrepreneurs to multinational corporations like Lenovo, Hyatt, Ferragamo, Pacific Coffee, Li & Fung, KAO, Nestle, etc.

Quality Solution at Low Prices »

Trading quality with price is not acceptable in SalesCatalysts.com. We keep enhancing our solution without any software upgrade fees. We keep our service fees low so that more people can enjoy our solutions.

Advanced Technology »

When others see email marketing as sending bulk emails only, SalesCatalysts.com sees sending, deliverability, tracking and analysis. To offer a reliable, fast and quality email marketing service, we heavily engage in research and development of parallel processing and distributing computing techniques and maintain a cloud based network globally with over 400 IPs for bulk email delivery.

A Place for Ideas »

We know a good environment is crucial for ideas to breed. That's why we encourage an open environment for ideas sharing. We build a cross culture team and maintain a simple hierarchy where all team members can access to management team directly.

Focus since 2003 »

Founded in 2003, SalesCatalysts.com sees herself as an online service provider who wholeheartedly focuses on Customer Relationship Management solution, especially on email marketing service. It is our conviction that "focus" is the key to develop the best solution. "Focus" is the reason why SalesCatalysts.com is an expert in the field.